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Satan Is A Deceiver! Believe What I'm Teaching You

The devil wants you to think that obedience to God's Word is a waste of time. Satan's first and foremost strategy is deception! He is a Deceiver! Make no mistake about it! He wants you to stay ignorant of his attacks. How can this happen? Many Christians are spiritually starved and weak because they ignore spiritual food. But, I'm here to teach you how to get spiritually strong. The information you need is right here, right now and it's vital information you need this very second...

Always Keep On Praying

You may not understand everything you are going through right now. It seems like things are getting worse, not better! It may not look like it's going to work out. But God is looking for people just like you! Just when the journey seems too difficult, Jesus gladly comes to help you. What gets His attention? What should you do? Always keep on praying! Did you get that? But there's something else you should know. what's that? Read and find out...

God Expects You To Be Devoted To Prayer

Prayer directs God to working in your life. Prayer is how you stay connected in your affection and love for God. You need to know Him, seek Him, depend on Him. That's why God expects you to be devoted to prayer. Many people are struggling out there in life. They need to be in a praying relationship with God. You can ask God to strengthen your prayer life and deepen your relationship with Him. You'll gain a lot of value from this teaching article and there's something new to be learned, and that's a good thing...

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