I will greatly praise the Lord with my mouth; yea,
I will praise him among the multitude.
Psalm 109:30

It's time for you to get a true picture of yourself and forget about the one that the devil would like for you to see. You may not look strong or feel strong, but dwelling on the inside of you is spiritual power. The hand of God brings His power and His grace to lift your position in life.

There's no maybe about it! It's all about who Jesus is and what He has said. Jesus is always calling you up higher. You see, if people don't learn how to think according to God's Word, things in their lives will either stay the same or get worse.

There is no better time to bring His increase and benefits into your life than right now! Staying connected to Jesus is essential to a successful Christian life. The truth is that benefits to abiding in Christ are never ending. They just keep going and going.

You are God's child and that alone gives you the right to live blessed with wisdom to be successful in the spirit and in the natural. You must be able to see beyond your present circumstances. The negative things which are seen are temporal and subject to change.

God is not looking for people with great abilities but for those who are dedicated to following and obeying Him. God knows how to make your life GREAT, BETTER AND PROFITABLE! My spiritual job is to teach the multitudes how to receive it.

Darrick The Prosperity Messenger

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