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Darrick the successful ebook Author writes prosperity messages straight from God's Word to help people understand that God wants believers to live a happy, successful, joyful, spiritual inspired life through Jesus Christ. God does not want believers to just drift through life without spiritual direction. Darrick says, "When we make God's priorities our priorities, the Holy Spirit will lead us according to His plan and purpose which is in the scriptures from His Word. Good blessings are guaranteed to those who obey God, according to the Bible."


God called you and has a great plan for your life that's so much bigger than you!  The Good News of the Gospel is only the beginning. The Holy Spirit is constantly working to move you to a higher level of spiritual development which is renewing your mind to think and live spiritually. Darrick teaches his class to be Christ occupied instead of being self-occupied. When you abide in Christ, you will be amazed at what God accomplishes through your life. God often calls people to follow Jesus without giving them all the details at the beginning.  The key is the indwelling presence of God doing new things, unusual things, and profitable things through a willing servant.


Darrick says, "A Deacon must have obedience to God, and to the Pastor.  A Deacon is also a servant to the church."  Darrick continues and states, "A Deacon must be available for the use of God's plan and He will make a special effort to serve the Lord in anything He prompts him to do. God is always at work around you, in you, and through you. God will open your spiritual eyes to recognize what He is doing. When God reveals to you where He is working that becomes His invitation to join Him in His activity."


Darrick is married to Penny, and they have 3 children, Venishia, DeAndre, and Darrica.  Darrick says, "The secret to Christian Family Success is you're going to have to be committed to putting God first in your house and teach your family how to live for God. Seek Him first, then all those other things will be added to you, according to God's Plan."  Darrick continues stating, "The key to being a successful Christian Husband is to let the Holy Spirit train you to live for Jesus and The Holy Spirit will also give you wisdom on how to treat and enjoy your wife."

Darrick says, "We live in a world that desperately needs the message of Jesus Christ! Jesus is the Word made flesh and His love for you is personal."  Darrick the Prosperity Messenger is a name given to Him by the inspiration of The Holy Spirit to use his spiritual gift to lead people to Jesus and to help the Body of Christ. Darrick says, "Something very unique and successful happens when you see that the Lord is with you."  Darrick says his prosperity messages is, "to let people know when the Bible says that Jesus is with you, He is with you to help you, assist you and to turn things around for you. Jesus creates good things to happen for you." Isaiah 41:13. Darrick's assignment is to teach the Body of Christ Benefits for Believers.

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